Continuing Professional Development Program  
What is the CPD program?  

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is considered necessary within the health and allied health professions to assist practitioners maintain professional knowledge, update practising skills and ensure the highest quality care is provided for patients/clients.

The CPD program is a system of accrediting and acknowledging your continuing post graduate professional training. A Certificate of Currency lets the public, health funds and professional bodies know that you have undertaken recent activities to further your education relevant to orthoptics.

A Certificate of Currency is offered to registered orthoptists who accrue the prescribed 50 credit points from at least two categories within the previous two year cycle. (Further information on categories and points: Points Allocation guidelines.) 

A Certificate of Currency is recognised by some health funds as qualification for a service provider number.

An effort has been made to ensure that points should be attainable by all interested orthoptists regardless of work place or location. Check here for accredited activities - the list is constantly updated as activities are approved.

The CPD program will change and evolve over time allowing it to be responsive to the different circumstances and opportunities available to registrants undertaking the program. The Board reviews the program and points allocation system taking into consideration feedback received from registrants which is an important aspect of the program's ongoing development.

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