Continuing Professional Development Program

Current CPD Certificates of Currency will expire on 30 September 2017.
Current participants in the CPD Program will receive a claim form by email.
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Applying for a Certificate of Currency

A total of 50 points minimum from activities undertaken in the previous two years is required to qualify for a Certificate of Currency in 2017. Commencing in the 2017-2019 registration biennium participation in the CPD Program is compulsory to maintain registration.

A Certificate of Currency lets the public, health funds and professional bodies know that you have undertaken activities to further your education relevant to orthoptics. A Certificate of Currency is accepted by a number of health funds as qualification to issue a provider number for private health rebates.

As each activity is undertaken list the information on the online form under the following headings:

  1. Activity Date/s
  2. Name and Description of Activity
    such as: conference title, web page address, journal/title/page, name of clinic/hospital name and location,
  3. Accreditation Ref. Code:
    Write in the reference number from the accredited activity list or "S/A" for Self Assessed activities; and
  4. Points per Category.

Remember - activities will only be accepted if they have been accredited within 3 months of the activity taking place.

DO NOT send proof of activity (eg receipt, attendance certificate, reference pages, web page prints) - keep these documents on file in case you are selected for random audit.

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